Bigga Balls Golf Balls - Yellow (12 pack)


Bigga Balls Golf Balls - Yellow (12 pack)

Product description

A good-looking, high-performance golf ball? You know you’d hit that.

Emblazoned with the signature BiggaBalls logo, these balls know that this isn’t your grandpa’s game of golf. Available in bright yellow or white, you’ll be able to find your balls anywhere.

Product Details:

  • High-visibility yellow.
  • Custom DuPont Surlyn cover is cut-resistant and designed to be nearly indestructible.
  • Uniquely packaged with 4 numbered balls per sleeve.
  • Tru-Alignment Guide on the Bigga Ball lines up the optimal shot so you shoot confidently.
  • Superior soft feel with a comfortable yet solid impact off the tee with consistent flight.
  • 352 dimple pattern masters wind resistance to improve performance in launch and distance.
  • Enjoy enhanced greenside control with straighter shots and less spin.
  • USGA approved, so play your best games confidently, from tournaments to Saturday morning games.